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Carpet Lining

Carpet lining and insulation are a fantastic way to ensure that your Campervan has that premium look.

As part of this package we cover all exposed areas of the interior metal work with 2mm Noico noise cancelling material. In addition to this we add an eco-friendly insulation system made from recycled plastic bottle tops to give your Campervan a really snug feel.

We then cover the exposed metal on the interior  with an industry leading stretch fabric lining material which is available in a choice of colours. On most areas we replace the factory panels with a 5.5mm plywood and fit them with hidden clips. This system will give your Campervan a superb finish and drastically improve the sound and insulation properties.

If you are at the point of having your windows fitted we do recommend that you have the carpet lining applied once the windows have been cut out and prior to the glass being applied. This will allow us to finish the edges of your windows with a really neat finish.

Please note – we will require your vehicle for approximately three to four days.

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