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Window Fitting and Tinting

Window Fitting

At TWG we can offer a full window fitting service using quality glass. All of glass is Tempered Safety Glass which is E marked to meet strict European standards. The tint is an 80% privacy glass so gives your vehicle a great look.

By having glass fitted to your Campervan this will give a much more pleasurable experience to the passengers in the rear and also give the Some customers don’t have the appetite for cutting a hole in the side of their pride and joy to fit their windows.  

Manufactured in Europe the glass is stained rather than a film so there is no chance of scratching or deterioration.

There are many combinations of glass sizes available, below is a small selection of the most popular choices. Please contact us for any other combination that you require or LWB options. 

Please note – To get the very best look for the interior of your Campervan we recommend that the carpet lining is installed after the window aperture has been cut out. The carpet lining is then folded over the cut out to give a great look.

Window Tinting

Many customers have glass already fitted and simply want that ‘privacy’ look. Adding a tinted film to your Campervan is a real artform and we are able to supply and fit a quality finished tinted window option. 

In addition to the visual look tinted glass also has other benefits. We all know how children can get restless and agitated when they are too hot in a car. Window tinting will keep your kids cool and comfortable and protect against harmful (UV) rays.

Window tinting can help block up to 70 per cent of UV rays from the sun, which not only protects the occupants of the van, but also reduces the rate by which the interior surfaces of your vehicle are fading. That means keeping your Campervan looking crisp and brand new for longer. We can only fit tinted film that meets with legislation and the front side and passenger windows must allow at least 70% in. This means that if you are pulled over and have the tints on an officer will not ask you to remove it or issue a ticket. You can also rest easy knowing that tinted glass will not have any effect on your insurance.

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