Ceramic Coating Explained

At TWG, we offer our customers a range of modifications and after market services for your VW campervan including being an official supplier and installer of Diamondbrite Ceramic Paint Protection.

Diamondbrite Ceramic is a brand new ultra-hard generation of Paint Protection for which – when applied – offers an amazingly durable finish and protection to your campervan – ensuring the vehicle stays looking in premium condition long after you’ve driven your new vehicle away! Many people however are not aware of this amazing new product and how it works. 

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that we hand apply t0 the outside of your campervan. This chemical coating bonds with the vehicles factory paint (sometimes referred to as PPF), to create a long-lasting layer of protection. These ceramic coatings are extremely durable and can be used in a number of areas on the outside of your vehicle including the paintwork, the wheels, any glass and the plastic trim.

Diamondbrite works in a two stage manner – firstly to clean and fill in the pores in the vehicles paintwork to leave a smooth surface. The second phase then sees the coating bond with PPF to create the long last finish.

Applying this coating represents an excellent investment for campervan owners – extending the lifespan of the vehicle and helping you to maximise resale value in the future as well. Vehicles coated with Diamondbrite Ceramic Paint, Fabric and Leather protection come with a guarantee (subject to terms and conditions). It even guarantees against Bird Lime damage – as long as it’s washed off as soon as possible.

This durable barrier gives makes it easier and faster to clean your vehicle with no need to polish! The barrier provides excellent protectin against tree sap, road tar, acid rain and gives an increased scratch protection. The interior is also protected and will give your pride and joy protection against drink spills, dirt and grime and any mucky pets that have just come off the beach.

Want to find out more about Ceramic coating? Be sure to contact us today to discuss your requirements with us in detail!

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